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    Repeater system in a golf course in Austria

    31st October 2020

    Location: Golf course in Bauvorhaben, Austria Installer: Repeater24 Installation date: 6th July 2020 Equipment: 1 X i-Repeater (5 bands) 11 line amplifiers (5 bands) Distributor: Repeater24 Phone: +43 7615 20197 97 It was necessary to provide mobile signal inside the rooms on the 5 floors of the building. The i-Repeater (see image below) receives and amplifies the […]

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    BigBoost – case study in remote villages

    16th May 2019

    Disaster Risk Reduction Project Location: Villages in Catanduanes Island in Philippines Equipment: BigBoost repeater system   These bigboost systems were installed in remote villages in the Philippines to ensure mobile signal during potential climate disasters. The bigboost is installed high up on the hilltop where it can receive a mobile signal. It amplifies the signal and beams it down […]

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    I-repeater installation in Salamanca, Spain

    30th April 2019

    Building: CAYO meat processing factory Location: Ladron, Salamanca, Spain Installer: Telesa Building: large Equipment: 1 i-Repeater 5 band 5 X line-amps 5 band 20 internal antennas Introduction. This meat processing plant was located in a rural part of Spain, in a small village. Fortunately, there was a Movistar tower about 700-800m away. As a result, the signal outside this building […]

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    John Begala | Installation to provide mobile coverage in an outdoor area

    11th January 2018

    Problem Johns’s house is located in a rural area in Spain where there was no mobile signal in his house or yard. However, a large tower was located nearby and there was a weak external signal on the top of this tower. Voice and 3G signal was required inside the house and in the courtyard […]

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    Offices in Dijon, France – Installation of mobile signal repeater – Hybrid DAS

    15th October 2017

    Location: Dijon, France Installer: TopSat Installation Date: 19.june.2017 Intro These office blocks in Dijon, suffered from poor mobile signal inside. The building contractor was instructed to ensure that there was good mobile signal inside these blocks. TopSat, official distributor of Stelladordus in France, was commissioned to install an hybrid DAS into the apartment complexes to ensure a great […]

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    Old Italian house with thick walls – Francis Smileit

    11th August 2017

    The problem in Francis’s words.. “During summer I live in countryside and I need to use phone but mobile towers are quite far and the building has very big walls so I often have a poor signal. I live in a late 1800 building so the inside walls are 26 and 28 cm thick, and […]

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    Country house in Spain with Stella pre-amp

    11th August 2017

    Loaction: LA PROVINCIA DE BURGOS EN CASTILLA Y LEÓN (ESPAÑA) The receive antenna was installed high up on a mast on the hill (1), where a good GSM signal was obtained. The StellaPreAmp was installed on this high mast to boost the signal down the long cable run (200m) to the lower mast(2). In a […]

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    Boost mobile signal in a quarry in Italy

    20th March 2017

    Before the installation of the Big Boost the customer had no signal inside the quarry. After the BigBoost was installed, they have  good signal with the operator Vodafone, and a weak signal with the operator Telecom near the area of the garage (the bottom area B). A: Location where BigBoost is installed B: Signal is […]

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    Case Study: Kola Beach Resort, Kenya

    27th February 2016

    Installing the BigBoost mobile signal repeater system. Location: Kola Beach Resort, Mambrui, Malindi, Kenya. Preconditions: There are 3 local mobile operators in Kenya: Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom Kenya. The mobile signal from these operators in the Kola Beach Resort was very weak,  if not almost non-existent, and this resulted in poor phone call quality. Technical Computer Area (TCA) contacted […]

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