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    John Begala | Installation to provide mobile coverage in an outdoor area

    11th January 2018

    Problem Johns’s house is located in a rural area in Spain where there was no mobile signal in his house or yard. However, a large tower was located nearby and there was a weak external signal on the top of this tower. Voice and 3G signal was required inside the house and in the courtyard […]

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    Old Italian house with thick walls – Francis Smileit

    11th August 2017

    The problem in Francis’s words.. “During summer I live in countryside and I need to use phone but mobile towers are quite far and the building has very big walls so I often have a poor signal. I live in a late 1800 building so the inside walls are 26 and 28 cm thick, and […]

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    Country house in Spain with Stella pre-amp

    Loaction: LA PROVINCIA DE BURGOS EN CASTILLA Y LEÓN (ESPAÑA) The receive antenna was installed high up on a mast on the hill (1), where a good GSM signal was obtained. The StellaPreAmp was installed on this high mast to boost the signal down the long cable run (200m) to the lower mast(2). In a […]

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    Italian leaky cable installation – StellaHome tri band with splitter

    1st October 2014

    Equipment used. 1 StellaHome tri band repeater. 1  splitter 2 way 50m Leaky coaxial cable 2 panel antennas External Yagi antenna We used a patch antenna at the end of the length of the leaky cable. Using the splitter we were able to provide coverage in another big room. The room that you see in photos measures about […]

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    Stables of the Arab Sheikh Al Maktoum, in Barcelona, Spain

    12th August 2014

    Location: Stables of the Arab Sheikh Al Maktoum, in the village of Llucanes Olost (Barcelona). Equipment used:  StellaHome900+2100 dualband repeater High gain Yagi receive antenna 2 Internal panel antennas 1 splitter  SD400 coaxial cable. (Cut to length) Power Supply Installation: The GSM and 3G signal was received from outside the horse stable building using the Yagi […]

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    Cabin in the mountains in Switzerland

    “I installed a StellaDoradus system [Stellahome2100] in my mountain house in the Swiss Alps. Altitude about 1700 meter. There was a little 3G network outside the cabin. Now with this system I have a perfect 3G Internet connection inside. This system is perfect! I am so happy with it. Also the Stella-Service is perfect. Many […]

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    Mobile signal booster in Sweden

    11th August 2014

    The challenge: We have a family house deep in a  forest in Smaaland, Sweden. The house is from 1856, and is built in a classic Swedish style. The house is constructed around two chimneys made of rocks, and the rest of the house is 100% wood. We have had the house since 1960. We once asked the […]

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