How to improve your mobile signal to work from home effectively

    1st December 2020

    We’re living in difficult times for workers, especially if you have to travel to an office, workshop, warehouse, or anywhere outside the relative safety of your home. The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced many countries to impose restrictions on our working hours, including how we travel and the hours we spend at work. A safer, […]

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    Improving the mobile signal inside a warehouse

    25th November 2020

    In these times we’re living in, with small commerce seemingly on its last legs, and large businesses and online sales set to swallow it up, it’s common to see the construction of massive warehouses destined to house every type of merchandise imaginable. These warehouses are often built with thick walls of prefabricated concrete, with huge […]

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    What to do if you need to amplify the mobile signal for a whole village

    20th November 2020

    Little by little, the beautiful villages of rural Spain are gradually becoming more and depopulated and deserted. Sometimes, this is because young people need to look for work in areas other than the farming and agriculture their parents were involved in. However, another reason may be the comforts that a city can offer them – […]

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    Mobile phone signal booster for Ireland

    21st December 2019

    Are mobile signal boosters legal? Only certified mobile signal boosters are legal. The communications regulator here in Ireland, Comreg, has created a list of legal devices. Here is the list of legal mobile phone signal boosters for Ireland: You can read more about mobile signal boosters on the Comreg website here. Any manufacturer not […]

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    Indoor antenna placement – Mobile phone repeater installation help

    7th December 2019

    Mobile phone booster installation guide In this article, I will discuss the topic of “antennas” for repeater installations. Whether you are installing mobile phone repeaters in big buildings or homes, this guide is for you. After this article, you will understand, what type of internal antennas to use for your building, where best to place […]

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    Parabolic Dish in the City – Multiple Base Station Issue.

    13th November 2019

    In this article, I will discuss a problem that can arise with repeater installations in cities. This problem can arise when you install the outdoor antenna on a very high building that has views over the city. If the building is very high, from the roof, the outdoor antenna can see across the city. It […]

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    How to best use Network Cell Info Lite

    31st October 2019

    Network Cell Info Lite, (NCIL) is an android app that can tell you alot about your phones cellular connection. To get the most valuable information , like band information (frequency) and CELL ID’s, this app should be installed on any Samsung Galaxy phone. Only Samsung phones reveal this invaluable data. I personally use an S8 […]

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    How to find out exactly which mobile tower your phone is connected to.

    19th October 2019

    For complicated or large repeater installations, it is useful to know precisely which cell tower your phone is connected to. This will help you understand the nature of the mobile signal inside and around the building. It will also help you in orientating the outdoor antenna. Some apps show you the direction of the tower […]

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    Useful Tips when installing mobile signal repeaters.

    4th October 2019

    Sometimes installing repeater systems can be difficult. The following tips have being built up over many years. I have had to learn the hard way but I hope to help you avoid my mistakes and make installing repeater systems easier for you. Install the following apps on your Samsung Galaxy phone: Network Cell Info Lite […]

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