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StellaControl Cloud

Stellacontrol.com is our online platform for managing, monitoring and controlling all your internet connected i-devices, such as multi-band Repeaters, Line-Amplifiers and CombinerAmps.

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When you purchase any of our i-devices, they will automatically appear on your cloud account.

If you are a reseller, you will be able to create cloud accounts for your customers. You can then sell these devices to your customers, and the devices will automatically appear on their cloud account.


  • Define dashboard with devices, buildings and zones
  • View recent live status of devices
  • Turn on/off or attenuate any frequency
  • Receive alert notifications (licence required)
  • Remotely upgrade firmware on devices
  • History graphs
  • Repeater system design tool
  • Large building management
  • Token payment system for activating premium functionality for your customers
  • Access to device data with secure programmatic API
  • Permission system for limiting what your users and customers can see and do
  • GPS tracking and geo-fencing