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Best Signal Booster to Improve your 3G Signal Strength at Home

06 Mar 2013

Finding the best signal booster to improve the strength of the 3G signal at home becomes an urgent need just as soon as you want to download something onto one of your gadgets. It either takes too long, or the signal keeps on dropping out. There’s nothing more frustrating. Surely there has got to be some way in this modern day and age of boosting the signal to make it usable!  Well the good news is, yes there is. The bad news is that there are lots of devices out there for sale, and most of them don’t or won’t produce the results that you want. The trick is in finding out which is which.

Straight to the Point about the best signal booster on the market today.

We never feel that criticizing the opposition counts for very much. It feels too much like trying to do the other guy down. Well there’s no need for that if you’ve got a product that you’re happy to recommend, and in this case we do. We’re convinced that it’s the best signal booster on the market, and here’s why.

The Best Signal Booster is the StellaHome Repeater Kit

The StellaHome Repeater Kit is undoubtedly the best signal booster for use in the home on the market today. Okay that may be an easy claim to make, but here are the reasons why.

  • It’s simple to install
  • It works with all brands of mobiles and devices
  • It works with any number of mobiles or devices
  • It works with all signal carriers
  • It works with both voice and data
  • It’s got a range of 1,000 square meters
  • It’s affordable

How it Works

The StellaHome signal booster kit only needs 1 bar’s worth of 3G signal outside your house to be able to operate effectively. So if you’re living out in the countryside, or the walls of your home are unusually thick, just as long as you can lock onto 1 bar of 3G, you are going to be in business. Simply install the antenna on the roof of your home, and run the connecting cable from the antenna, down the wall, and into the room where you have placed your amplifier  Then connect the cable to the amplifier, connect the indoor antenna and point it in the general direction you want the amplified signal to go….VOILA ….. You’ll have a full strength signal! Oh, and it works both ways too. If you are transmitting a signal, the Stelladoradus picks it up, (voice or data), sends it back up the wire to the antenna on the roof, and off it goes, over the horizon!

What’s Stopping You?

So, if when you get back home after a stressful day in the office, and you’re looking to take it out on someone you know, install your StellaHome Repeater Kit, fire up your Xbox, connect it to the amplified signal courtesy of the best signal booster in its class, and go and kick the stuffing out of your Black Ops gamesters.

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