Radiation from mobile phones and signal boosters – Is it harmful?

19 Sep 2017
rad comparrisoon

In this blog , I will explain everything to do with mobile phone radiation and mobile signal booster radiation.

Let’s do a comparison between the radiation from a signal booster, a smartphone and the sun.

Let’s assume you are standing right next to a signal booster. The radiated power is typically 2mW.

Let’s say you decide to make a call on your mobile phone. The radiated power from you mobile phone is 50-100 times stronger than the booster, at 200mW

Now, let’s say you walk outside, as it is a nice sunny day. The sun on a typical day emits power of around 5000 times greater than that of a mobile phone, at 1050W/m².

Therefore, you would receive more radiation in 10 minutes walking around outside than if you were to be in a room with tens of thousands of mobile signal boosters turned on full power.

The power from mobile signal boosters is just really really small. (2mW)

And even though the power from a mobile phone is 50-100 times greater than of a signal booster, it is also really small, especially compared to the sunlight you receive while walking about.

Still not convinced?

Now for those of you that would still prefer less radiation from their mobile phones, consider the following..

rad vrs dist

The farther you move away from a radiating device (a booster or a phone) the lower the power is. The power decreases with the square of the distance.

So as you move your mobile phone away from your head, the power drops dramatically. See diagram above.

There are 2 ways to reduce the power that your body receives from a mobile phone.

1) Physically move the phone away from you.

2) Reduce the power of the transmitter inside the phone.

Option 1 is not realistic as we need to make calls and therefore the phone needs to be up against our ear.

Option 2 however, is possible, if you install a mobile signal booster.

You see, a mobile signal booster is like a little low power (2mW) base station in your home. When your phone sees it there, it connects to it, instead of the mobile operators tower, which can be several kilometers away from your home. Now your phone does not need all that power to reach the signal booster and so, it reduces the power.

Your head now receive less power up against it.



  • norman summerfield

    The radiation from the sun and that from a mobile are at different frequencies, the two are not comparable in the way that is implied here. By your reckoning a mobile phone should be swamped by noise from the sun, but in fact it works. Recommending use of a mobile signal booster is clearly a commercial consideration – why do you not recommend we all take precautions to reduce exposure to harmful solar radiation? According to your argument it would be more effective.

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