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MarineBoost 3.1 ship signal repeater |Boost mobile signal onto your ship. 1000m2

  • Frequency: 900Mhz/ 1800Mhz/ 2100Mhz
  • Coverage: 1000m2 (up to 5 rooms)
  • All mobile operators boosted
  • Ce certified and RoHS
  • No need for existing broadband connection
  • Unlimited number of calls / data sessions at the same time
  • Complete operator network protection.
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(€786.99 ex-VAT)

How the MarineBoost3.1 works:

The MarineBoost 3.1,  (3 band 1 port) repeater is ideal for small ships / boats. The high gain omni-directional antenna is installed as high up as possible to receive the mobile signal.  This antenna receives signal from several base stations on the land if it can see them.

Low loss SD400 cable runs from this antenna down inside the ship to where the repeater is located. An interior panel antenna is connected directly to the repeater. Finally, the 12v power is supplied to the repeater.

That’s the installation done!

When your ship passes within ~30Km of any mobile tower, the MarineBoost3.1 system will receive this signal and amplify it into your ship.

Whats in the kit


What you get line drawings_marineboost 1_800


(€786.99 ex-VAT)

Quick install guide

StellaMarine_diagram m2

We recommend doing a "loose install" to begin with. Do not fasten down the cables until you have found where best to install the various parts.

  1. Install the outdoor omni antenna somewhere secure on the outside of the ship.
  2. Cable from this antenna down inside the boat to the location where you want signal.
  3. Install the booster and indoor antenna here.
  4. Finally, once you have attached all the cables, plug in the power.
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