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Driveboost-LG (GSM/ 3G/ 4G) car mobile signal booster | Boost call/ data reception in your car

  • Amplifies GSM/ 3G / 4G
  • Frequency 800/ 900MHz
  • Faster data speeds
  • No more dropped calls
  • Phone battery lasts longer
  • All components needed for installation in one package
  • Ce certified and RoHS compliant
  • Easy Installation
  • Complete operator network protection
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(€495.93 ex-VAT)

How your Car mobile signal booster works

The high gain antenna which is magnet mounted to your car roof collects any available GSM/ 3G and 4G signal.  This signal is fed down the cable to the Driveboost-LG signal booster placed under the front seat of the vehicle.

There, the signal is amplified. A cable then sends this amplified signal to a patch antenna which is fastened onto the base of your car phone holder. The signal is then induced  into your phone.

This car mobile signal booster  is powered with the 12 volt supply from the cigarette lighter.

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Even if there is only a weak signal available. the Driveboost-LG kit will receive and amplify it into your car, so that you may enjoy some peace of mind.

  • Reduced dropped calls
  • Fast 4G data on your phone
  • Phone battery lasts longer (the booster does all the work)
  • Much more reliable connection


 This kit includes:


  • One magnet mounted omni-directional antenna.
  • One Driveboost-LG 4G repeater
  • One 12v Power plug.
  • One car phone holder patch antenna.


(€495.93 ex-VAT)

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