Distributing mobile signal in your office
Coverage: ~10 rooms

Series 1002 - Professional grade repeaters - EU compliant

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NameSKUFrequencyCoverage (rooms)Price (ex-VAT)SpecNetworks
~10€797 (€658.68)GSM
900 / 1800
~10€1,072 (€885.95)GSM, 4G
900 / 2100
~10€1,072 (€885.95)GSM, 3G
800 / 900
most popular
~10€1,072 (€885.95)GSM, 4G
StellaOffice 800/900/2100SD-RP1002-LGW-4
800 / 900 / 2100
~10€1,377 (€1,138.02)GSM, 3G, 4G
StellaOffice 900/1800/2100SD-RP1002-GDW-4P
900 / 1800 / 2100
~10€1,377 (€1,138.02)GSM, 3G, 4G
StellaOffice 800/900/1800/2100/2600SD-RP1002-LGDWH-4P
800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600
most popular
~10€2,292 (€1,894.21)GSM, 3G, 4G
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How It Works

  • The antenna installed on the roof receives mobile signal from all networks. It sends this signal down co-axial cable to the StellaOffice repeater.
  • The repeater boosts the signal to each of its 4 ports. 4 antennas can be installed within the buildinig and connected to these ports.
  • All devices (mobile phones , tablets , laptops, IOT’s)  can now communicate with this enhanced signal.


  • Boosts mobile signal in large buildings
  • Coverage: ~10 rooms
  • Boosts all mobile operators
  • Boosts voice and data (GSM, 3G, 4G and 5G*)
  • Unlimited users
  • Simple and intuitive LED signal indicator
  • No broadband connection required
  • Repeater output power: 5 mWatts  (50 times less then mobile phone)
  • Complete Network operator protection

*5G is now present on 700MHz and 2100MHz in many EU countries.


The StellaOffice repeater comes with different frequency options.

For rural locations we suggest 1,2 or 3 bands. For cities, we recommend 5 or 6 bands.

All services are covered: GSM, 3G, 4G and 5G

Your choice depends on your needs. If you only need to boost voice, we recommend the StellaOffice-G. However, if you want to boost data also, we suggest the 3 band or 5/6 band options.


The StellaOffice repeater kit contains 4 antennas. Each antenna provides 30 X 30 M2 of coverage in open space. Because it has 4 ports , you will have 4 separate areas with this coverage.

However, this is only in open space. In practice,  it  equates to about 10 sized rooms in a typical building layout. The coverage depends on the type of walls inside your building.

Concrete or metal insulated walls will reduce the coverage, whereas plaster board walls and  wide open internal spaces allow an increase in coverage.

converage for stellaoffice3


See the example  coverage diagram above.

A:  This section of the building  we can get away with using one antenna as the signal will pass through the doors to the three offices.

B:  This section of the building  has a corridor separating the rooms. Here we will need at least three antennas to ensure coverage to all rooms and the corridor.

A closer look

  1. 4 mounting holes: if you want to secure your repeater to the wall.
  2. 4 diagnostic lights: tells you if the repeater has:
    • power.
    • proximity control.
    • feedback.
    • communication with your phone.
  3. 6 light signal strength indicator: tells you the strength of your mobile signal outside.
  4. Connectors in: attach the 4 indoor antenna here.
  5. Connector out: attach the cable here and feed it up to the outdoor antenna.
  6. 12V Power in

Powerfull operator network protection

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    I-repeater installation in Salamanca, Spain

    30th April 2019
    Building: CAYO meat processing factory Location: Ladron, Salamanca, Spain Installer: Telesa Building: large Equipment: 1 i-Repeater 5 band 5 X line-amps 5 band 20 internal antennas Introduction. This meat processing plant was located in a rural part of Spain, in a small village. Fortunately, there was a Movistar tower about 700-800m away. As a result, the signal outside this building [...]
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    StellaOffice signal booster installed in a restaurant in Rome

    10th December 2015
    Italian restaurant in Rome Name:  Ciasa Mia Addrerss: Via del Tritone Equipment used in installation: StellaOffice triband booster kit The Installation Ciasa Mia  is located in a large underground  cellar in Rome.  No mobile signal can penetrate down into the cellar, and therefore all the staff and clients in the restaurant cannot not receive calls or access mobile [...]
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    Hotel Cortijo Barranco - Spain

    8th September 2015
    Installation of a 900Mhz repeater with 4 indoor planar antennas and a Yagi outdoor antenna: Ms. Remedios Cano (the manager) told us that she’s very satisfied with the installation. They have gone from not being able to use their mobile phones inside the building to being able to use them with a very acceptable quality, [...]
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