Stellaboost R4-std | Boost Mobile Signal in your Home
Touchscreen LCD

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How It Works

  1. The antenna on your roof picks up signal from all networks, and sends it down the cable to the Stellaboost  repeater.
  2. The Stellaboost  repeater  amplifies this signal and sends it around your home.
  3. All your devices in this room can now communicate with this enhanced signal.


  • Coverage: ~4 rooms (800m2 open space)
  • Networks: 800/900/1800 /2100Mhz
  • Protects the operators network with feedback control and noise reduction technology
  • Works with all operators
  • GSM/3G/4G
  • Full colour touch LCD display
  • Switch ON/OFF any band.
  • Attenuate any band.
  • Manufactured in Ireland


The Stellaboost  boosts four bands.

  • B20 (800Mhz) suitable  for rural locations and fast 4G speeds
  • B8 (900Mhz) : This option is great for voice calls in rural locations.
  • B1 (2100Mhz) : This option is great for slow but stable 3G data speeds and good quality calls, in urban locations
  • B3 (1800Mhz): This band is great for 4G data speeds in Urban locations.



The outdoor panel antenna is installed outside your building where you have at least 3 steady bars of steady mobile signal. (5-6 even better)
The kit is very easy to install and requires no further attention once you plug it in. It seamlessly amplifies the mobile signal from outside where there is good signal, and sends it around your house.

Touch Control


A: Main screen. Here you can view the signal strength per band displayed with green signal bars. There is a status window below that tells you whats going on.

The blue icon is the up-link. It lights up when there is a call or data session using this band.

The coloured boxes to the right tell you the state of the band:

  • ADJ: The band is adjusting and optimising its power.
  • HI: This tells you there is a lot of signal power coming down from the antenna. No action required.
  • OSC: This tells you there is an oscillation between the outdoor and indoor antenna. You must ensure there is at least one solid block wall separating the antennas.
  • OFF: This means the band has switched off.


B: Decibel screen: Here you can see detailed values of all the parameters in Decibels.




C: Here you can see which bands are used the most and you can also switch on or off any band.

D: Here you can attenuate individual bands up to 18dB’s.



The coverage of the Stellaboost  is 800m2 in open space. In practice, this equates to about 4 large sized rooms in a typical house.


  1. The stronger the  signal strength outside your house, the  greater the  indoor coverage.
  2. The larger and more open your interior space, the greater the indoor coverage. (Concrete walls block signal.)

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