Extending mobile signal into large buildings - remote monitoring and control

Series 1002 Grade A filtering


The i-repeater   is a 5 band mobile signal repeater that can be controlled and monitored over the internet.

It amplifies 800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 and 2600Mhz.
You can install the i-repeater with 4 line-amplifiers  to further distribute mobile signal throughout your building, as shown in the image above.
The i-repeater and line-amps can be controlled and monitored from any terminal (laptop, phone, tablet), via an online dashboard.
You can host all your installations on our cloud server.

This allows you to monitor/ control all your installations from any location.




You can enable email alerts:

  • If devices are plugged out by accident by building staff (or power cut). (You can see the exact device that is plugged out, and
    its location in the building). All devices have internal battery that keeps internet connection live for
    several hours.
  • Receive alerts for , oscillations, high power, band shutdown, temperature.

Remote Control from any computer/ phone:

  • Switch Off/ On/ or Attenuate, individual bands of any device.
  • Switch off Power to one or all devices in a building. The devices RF chain is switched off but it is still connected to the internet.
  • Reboot devices.


  • Up/Downlink Power
  • Up/Downlink Gains
  • Up/Downlink AGC
  • Up/Downlink Oscillations/feedback
  • Temperature on PCB board


  • All events are logged from initial installation date for each device.
  • Percentage usage of each band.


Display your company logo to the LCD screen. This will be shown on boot-up .

Full brochure and spec-sheet: here



side + 4 antennas system



Powerfull operator network protection