HP, Viprinet, Cisco GSM/3G/4G router amplifier for mobile signals
CombinerAmp LEDs

Combine and amplify LTE radio cards for robust communication

How It Works

  1. The 2 MIMO antennas are installed outside your vehicle, boat , building where the mobile signal is strong.
  2. This signal is then sent to the CombinerAmp and is boosted.
  3. From here, the signal is sent to your router where it can be distributed via your internal network.
  4. The up-link signals from your radio cards are amplified and sent back to the mobile tower.

We offer 1 CombinerAmp models(no remote monitoring):

Our CombinerAmps work with router boxes such as:

HP ,Teltonika, Viprinet, Cisco, Siemens, Asus, Pep-Link, Tp-Link, Huawei, Passari plus many others.

The CombinerAmp is MIMO activated and can amplify up to 4 radio cards. That’s 4 individual mobile operators

Typical machine applications could be..

  • Ambulances,
  • Fleet vehicles,
  • Emergency response,
  • Police,
  • Mountain rescue,
  • Ships, Fishing vessels,
  • Communications hub for on-the-road vehicles
  • Road-warriors

The CombinerAmp can be customized in any way you want. We cover all frequencies  even LTE. We have 4 port versions that can combine up to 4 input radio signals at once, and feed the amplified signal out the the antennas.

Each MIMO radio card will have 2 antenna ports.

4 radio cards =  8 ports

Please contact us and let us know how we can help with your idea.



photo of poweramp

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