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Boosting mobile signal in your car / truck / fleet vehicle

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How It Works

  1. The antenna on the roof of the car receives signal from all networks in any direction. This signal is sent via coaxial cable to the DriveBoost repeater installed inside the vehicle, usually under the front seat.
  2. From here, the signal is  amplified and sent to the sticky patch antenna.*
  3. This antenna transfers the mobile signal into the back of your phone.
  4. With your phone placed in your cradle,  you will experience fewer dropped calls and increased data speeds.

*The patch antenna should be placed on your car phone holder in such a way as to be right up next to the base of your phone when it is in the cradle. See the example image.

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The DriveBoost mobile signal booster amplifies mobile signal in your car. Once installed, it will capture and amplify any available signal it can find, even in those poor coverage locations where your calls get dropped.


Powerfull operator network protection