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Operator network protection Explained

 Stelladoradus are world leaders in the manufacture of broadband repeaters with advanced operator network protection. These features are:

  • Oscillation / interference detection
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Up-link switch off
  • Base station proximity aware
  1. Oscillation / Interference detection

    When you install the outdoor antenna too close to the indoor antenna, feedback can occur. It’s like putting a microphone up close to a speaker. The software in our repeaters detects this feedback and reduces amplifier gain automatically, ensuring this feedback loop cannot occur.

  2. Automatic Gain Control

    This feature makes sure that the repeater does not send too much power up to the base station, protecting it from overload.

    It facilitates power control between the base-station and phone

  3. Up-link Switch Off

    The repeater is in standby mode most of the time and only switches on when a call or data session is initiated. This greatly reduces overall noise.

  4. Base Station Proximity Aware

    Repeater increases power in rural locations where it is needed.

    Repeater reduces power when it is very close to base-stations in cities.