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How to get the best from your mobile phone signal booster

12 Aug 2013

An easy description of how your mobile phone signal booster works.


A mobile phone signal booster ( also called a Repeater) consists of 3 main parts,


  1. The outdoor antenna
  2. The amplifier 
  3. The indoor antenna

The outdoor antenna receives the signal from the mobile operator. This signal is passed to an amplifier via a cable. The amplifier amplifies the received signal to increase the power. An indoor antenna attaches to the repeater and this re-broadcasts this signal indoors.  Your phone and 3G devices connect to this signal.

The outdoor antenna is much better at receiving signal than the antenna in your mobile phone, so the system will work even in very poor signal areas.

A strong outdoor signal is preferable for a signal booster.

In order for the mobile phone signal booster to work really well, you must place the outdoor antenna in the best possible signal location outside. This is usually high up on a pole on your roof. The amplifier can then boost this signal which is well above the “noise floor”, with the result being that the signal from the indoor antenna can travels much further around the house.

Better signal outdoors = more coverage indoors.

If you are in a weak signal area and the signal booster receives a weak signal from outside. It cannot distinguish between what is “noise” and what is a valid signal. The result is that you will get good signal when you are close to the indoor antenna but this will fade away very quickly as you move away from the indoor antenna.

Poor outdoor signal = less coverage indoors

How to maximize the result from your mobile phone signal booster.

If you live in an area with weak  signal  outside (<3 signal bars on your phone),  you should use the highest gain external antenna(Yagi antenna) with  a very low loss cable(SD400). The amplifier will receive a really ” clean” signal  and consequently do a very good amplification job. This will ensure that you get the best possible result from your mobile phone signal booster.



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