Lack of mobile signal coverage within big malls: causes and a solution

04 Oct 2017
Lack of coverage within mall

Without mobile coverage in our leisure time

Sometimes, when we visit a mall, we notice that even though we have good mobile signal outside, inside we don’t have any coverage, not even enough of a signal to make a voice call.

Lost call notifications are another sign of lack of coverage inside big malls. In the few moments when our mobile phone is able to connect, we receive those annoying and disturbing messages of lost calls.

If we try to establish an Internet connection under a poor coverage, the experience becomes boring and unpleasant. Due to the slowness of the connection, our mobile can hardly accomplish even the briefest task.

Why isn’t there any coverage in big malls?

Although the lack of coverage indoors can be caused by several reasons, the most common cause inside big malls has to do with the materials used in construction:

  • Roofs are built with metal plates that make mobile signals bounce
  • Big windows include glass with protective metal films
  • Partition walls bearing aluminium sheets create isolation
  • Walls are made of thick precast concrete
  • People themselves absorb and block mobile signals

Should it turn out that the cell tower is located some distance away, we have the perfect cocktail to get isolated within the crowd.

Construction materials block mobile signal

Overcoming the obstacles: mobile signal boosters

Being as the problem is with the walls and roof of the building itself, why not eliminate the problem by implementing a simple solution? Best of all would be the ability to take the mobile signal from outside and then reproduce it inside, where clients can use it.

That’s exactly what Stelladoradus mobile signal boosters do:

  • An external antenna placed outside the building gets mobile signal
  • An amplifier cleans and amplifies it
  • The internal antennas distribute mobile signal in the different areas inside the mall
  • Customers are able to use their mobile phones as usual, and furthermore the phones can work using minimum power

Why a signal repeater by Stelladoradus?

Because we don’t want to address a problem by creating others:

  • Our repeaters are designed in Ireland under strict quality control and have a3 year warranty
  • They adhere to a much higher legal standard than all other repeaters on themarket: they are the favorites of our resellers

Here you can find the Stelladoradus mobile repeater that best fit your needs.

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