CombinerAmp – Amplify mobile data signal for your ship or vehicle router



The CombinerAmp (iC) is a commercial grade cellular amplifier for ships and fleet vehicles that works for all mobile operators. It will allow your router to stay connected to mobile signal 30km from the coastline. It has 8 ports that can connect up to 4 radio cards in a 2X2 MIMO configuration, allowing for faster MIMO download speeds.

If connected to the Pepwave HD4, with 4 radio cards, it can reduce the number of cables to your outdoor antennas by a factor of 4.

When connected to the Stelladoradus cloud platform, you can remotely manage, monitor, and adjust the amplifier, as well as receive real-time measurements of signal power, signal gain, plus other control metrics for each band.

  1. The 2X2 MIMO antennas are installed outside your  ship, and receive the mobile signal.
  2. This signal is then sent to the CombinerAmp and is boosted.
  3. From here the signal is sent to your router.
  4. The up-link signals from your radio cards are amplified and sent back to the mobile tower.




Table of products Combineramp

1 LTE-Combiner8 is our previous generation model which is not cloud connected.


  • 4X radio cards.
  • 2X2 MIMO.
  • LED interface.

iC6-EU / iC5-US(Caribbean)

  • 4X radio cards.
  • 2X2 MIMO.
  • Pass Thru Feature
  • 5″ Touch LCD panel.
  • Cloud monitored and control.
  • Compatible with DUAL US/EU system.

 CombinerAmp Brochure (all models):


The CombinerAmp works with the following routers:

HP ,Teltonika, Viprinet, Cisco, Siemens, Asus, Pep-Link, Tp-Link, Huawei, Passari plus many others.

The CombinerAmp is MIMO activated and can amplify up to 4 radio cards. That’s 4 individual mobile operators

Internet monitored and control

  • Monitor and control gains on each band
  • Setup alerts (License required)
  • Frequencies (EU):    700 / 800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600MHz
  • Frequencies (Caribbean):  APT700/ 850 / AWS1750/ PCS1900 / 2600 MHz
  • MIMO (2X2)
  • Pass Thru
  • RF OFF
  • GEO tracking
  • API


Typical machine applications

  • Ambulances,
  • Fleet vehicles,
  • Emergency response,
  • Police,
  • Mountain rescue,
  • Ships, Cruisers, Fishing vessels,
  • Communications hub for on-the-road vehicles
  • Road-warriors