How to get mobile signal inside an underground car park?

11 May 2021

Most underground car parks completely block mobile signal. This is increasingly becoming an major problem as society relies more and more on mobile phones and mobile data services.

Why do we need a mobile signal inside an underground car park?

It is now a regularity requirement in many EU countries to provide mobile communication inside these public places, as more and more emergency services rely on mobile data.

Here are just some reasons we have found.

  • Car-sharing access/control management.
  • E-commerce collection points: communication with head offices is necessary.
  • Electric vehicle charging points: there is a specific communications protocol (OCPP) to verify whether the vehicle can be recharged, whether the connector is correctly installed, or even to start or stop charging remotely.
  • Mobile payments, either for the car park itself or for any of the services listed above.
  • Users may need an Internet connection to use their messaging, navigation, or other services.
  • And finally, just to make phone calls and be always contactable, especially in an emergency.

How do you get a strong mobile signal in an underground car park?

There are several solutions to providing mobile internet into these car parks. But the simplest and most cost effective solution is a broadband repeater system from Stelladoradus.

One of the most important features of Stelladoradus is that their repeaters amplify ALL mobile operators, ALL services(GSM,3G,4G,5G), and the 6 main frequencies(700-2600MHz).*

Basically, whatever signal exists outside the car park, which is usually all signals from all operators, can be amplified and distributed inside the car park.

Stelladoradus design AND manufacture all their repeaters. All the PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) are chip placed, assembled and tested before sale in their state of the art manufacturing facility located in Waterford, Ireland.. This ensures a very low return rate on all products.

To learn more about the Stelladoradus repeater solution, click here.

*The iR6 repeater covers all 6 EU frequecny bands.

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