f How to choose your StellaDoradus amplifier?

How to choose your StellaDoradus amplifier?

31 Jul 2019
StellaDoradus repeaters

You have done your research and decided to opt for quality legal equipment, a StellaDoradus mobile repeater. Now you have to choose the model of repeater that suits your needs. Here is a guide to help you in your choice.

1) Choosing the network band(s)

The different types of networks (GSM, 3G, 4G) are transmitted through electromagnetic waves in different frequency bands 800Mhz, 900Mhz, 1800Mhz, 2100Mhz and 2600Mz. The first step in choosing a GSM, 3G or 4G repeater is to determine the frequency or frequencies you need.

For individuals, usually one or two bands are enough, and for business use we recommend three to five bands.
If you decide to buy a repeater with one, two or three bands, you will need to find out which bands are available in the area to be amplified. You can use your phone, outside you house, to find which bands are available in your area.
Here is a guide to test your bandes: https://www.stelladoradus.com/finding-my-frequency-on-my-iphone/

If you choose a 4 or 5 band repeater, you do not need to do this test because all the main bands will be covered.

Functions of the different bands:

  • 800Mhz: for rural areas and 4G.
  • 900Mhz: for voice calls in rural areas.
  • 1800Mhz: for 4G in urban areas.
  • 2100Mhz: for slow 3G data speed, but stable and quality calls in urban areas.
  • 2600Mhz: for 4G in urban areas.


About 5G

5G is the latest generation of mobile network.
5G is not yet available in Europe, so it is impossible to predict on which frequency this network will be transmitted, but it is likely that once 5G is sufficiently developed it will be transferred to the current 3G and 4G frequencies. If this is the case, StellaDoradus amplifiers in 800Mhz, 1800Mhz, 2100Mhz and 2600Mhz will therefore be 5G compatible.


Mobile phone

2) Choosing the repeater model

Now that you have established which band(s) you want, you can choose the model. StellaDoradus has three types of equipment classified by the size of the area to be covered:

Very large amplification systems for businesses:

  • Multi-storey hotels,
  • Big factories with large floor space,
  • Hospitals and offices in multi-story office blocks,
  • Ship fleets, Ambulances, Rescue vehicles, Police.

This type of equipment requires a professional installation by a company accustomed to this type of complex installation (requiring several repeaters and line amplifiers).
For assistance in choosing and installing your equipment, you can consult the list of our distributors in Europe: https://www.stelladoradus.com/distributors/

Medium size amplification systems for businesses:

  • Shops Restaurants,
  • Underground car parks,
  • Medium sized business premises,
  • Quarries,
  • Industrial sites

Many of these scenarios will require a professional installation, but StellaDoradus products are simple to install, so smaller installations with only a few repeaters can be done by unqualified people.
If you would like advice on the choice of your amplification system and for the installation of the equipment by an authorised company, you can contact our distributors: https://www.stelladoradus.com/distributors/

Small size amplification systems for individuals or small businesses:

  • Houses,
  • Apartments,
  • Small business premises (small surface and up to 4 rooms).

Equipment for this type of small facility can easily be installed by an individual.
The choice of the version that best suits your situation depends on the type of display you want (LCD or LED), the number and type of frequencies desired and the environment in which the amplifier will be installed (rural or urban area).

You have the choice between the new LCD screen or classic LED display models:
– LCD model: the StellaBoost L4 amplifies four bands: 800, 900, 1800 and 2100 Mhz. See product page for more details.
– LED display model – available in twelve versions. You can consult the table on the product page to see the different versions.

If in doubt, you can contact our European distributors who can advise with the choice of your mobile repeater.

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