How to Boost Mobile Signal in a shopping centre?

21 Apr 2021

Mobile coverage problems in Shopping Centres

The construction materials used in shopping centres are typically mass concrete for the floors, walls and ceiling,  and high insulation glass for the windows. These materials almost completely block mobile phone signal. Even the doors are now fireproof grade, with  a metal layer in them. This stops fire , but it also blocks mobile phone signal.

Reasons why you should provide Mobile Coverage in your Shopping Centre.

Health and safety.

Especially in an emergency, everyone inside the shopping centre must be able to make phone calls to raise the alarm. In many countries, this is now a legal requirement.

Satisfy your customers.

If your shopping centre has poor mobile coverage, this will annoy your customers, and they may choose somewhere else to go shopping. Don’t give your customers a reason to do this.

Reduced Carbon Footprint.

Repeaters do not process or alter the mobile signal. They simple take the signal from outside and repeat it inside. This is by far the simplest way to achieve this transfer of data. All the indoor antennas in the system are passive, ie , they use no energy at all. These 2 facts means that this technology is by far the most ECO friendly solution.

WIFI management is costly- let people access data/calls on their own mobile data plan.

Managing a WIFI system for the public is neither simple or cost effective. User passwords, user data, GDPR legal issues, security, etc. The list goes on… A better solution is to ensure there is good quality mobile signal for everyone in your shopping centre. Let everyone use their own data plans with their own provider for calls and data.

Mobile Signal can be Amplified and Distributed into your Shopping Centre.

If you can receive mobile signal outside your building, then a repeater system can bring this signal inside your building to where it is needed. The system is simple. The repeater will receive the mobile signal where is is most strong, usually up on the roof. Then it will amplify the signal and distribute it to zoned areas around your shopping centre. The system is modular and scalable. This means it can be scaled up to any sized building.  The more coverage you need, just add more amplifiers. This solution is the most simple and cost effective way to provide mobile signal  inside your shopping centre.

Stella Doradus’s flagship model, the iRepeater , is the best choice for a shopping centre. It is designed to be scalable, so that you can provide coverage for any sized shopping centre, even very large buildings with multiple floors and underground car parks. It amplifies..

  1. All mobile operators (usually there are 3 or 4 mobile operators in any country).
  2. All mobile frequencies (700/800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz).
  3. And ALL services(2G,3G,4G,5G).

With the iRepeater, everything is covered making your choice easier.

Modular and Scalable Solution

The iRepeater system can optionally include line amplifiers which can be scaled out in a plug and play way to provide full coverage. These line amplifiers allow you to extend the mobile signal even further into your building. The shopping center diagram in the image below illustrates 4 line amplifiers feeding a total of 16 antennas. Each antenna provides coverage in 3-4 rooms.  So in this system we have a total of 16 antennas providing coverage for 64 rooms. You can keep adding more line amplifiers if you need to, to provide even more coverage. The system even allows you to split each port of the line amplifier giving you 8 ports or 8 internal antennas per line amplifier. This port expansion option really allows you to “fill out” all the signal black spots in your building.

Complete solution –  Remote Monitoring and Management

The iRepeater system can be fully monitored and managed by your integrator(installer) and/or a Stella engineer via our online portal. Here, we can receive alerts of any potential issues which allows us to  take corrective action. Something as simple as a repeater or line amplifier plugged out – we will be alerted and we will notify the relevant bodies to fix it. This all happens automatically.  This ensures you have a managed, up to date system, that is continuously monitored by us. We ensure optimal performance of the system in this changing radio frequency landscape.

Stella Doradus repeaters are designed, manufactured and tested in Ireland. They comply with all European regulations .

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