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Top 10 countries with fastest 4G speeds

22 Nov 2013
Despite the US having the most advanced LTE (Long Term Evolution) infrastructure in the world, its networks are by no means the fastest. Several other nations have scored higher and some of them even reveal speeds that are up to 2 times faster.
4G is the successor to 3G, and it promises ultra-fast broadband internet access to the latest Smartphones, other mobile devices and laptops with USB wireless modems.


Sweden was the first to launch an LTE network and it remains the leader with average download speeds of 22.1 Mbps. Interesting, I was in Sweden, Motala last week, fitting the StellaTrain system in some trains. I tested the mobile signal speeds on the motorway from Stockholm to Motala. I was on EDGE most of the way. But yes,the cities and towns themselves did have great mobile speeds.

Hong Kong

No big surprise here! Hong Kong is a leader in mobile technology and its impressive 19.6 Mbps secures it a second place in the fastest 4G speeds.


Close on the heels of Hong Kong is Denmark with its lightning speed 19.1 Mbps 4G speed which makes it one of the places in the world to truly enjoy fast internet speeds on mobile devices


Canada trumps its southern neighbour with double 4G speeds of 18.1 Mbps


There has been a lot of activity in 4G technology down under and there are at least 4 carriers providing fast internet and mobile access.

South Korea

South Korea has been one of the biggest spenders in 4G and back in 2008 it announced plans to spend 60 billion won or 58 million dollars on developing its 4G technology and become a world leader. However, this nation hasn’t been able to secure that coveted first place despite its big investments.


Germany has the fastest 4G speeds in the EU.


The US was the second country to roll out 4G but today it ranks far lower than 7 of them with 9.6Mbps. This can be attributed to the configuration of their carriers’ networks like Verizon and AT&T which have been working with smaller swatches of airwaves.


Second from last on the list is Japan which narrowly holds on to its position with its 7.1 4G network speed


Belgium sneaks in at 10th place and its largest operator Belgacom launched its 4G network back in 2011. It has continued to roll out 4G to major cities throughout the country since 2012.
Unfortunately, the United Kingdom does not make the top ten and some of its carriers like O2 and Vodafone have recently launched their 4G networks and 3 will be launching in December 2013.
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