Are Stelladoradus repeaters legal to use in my house or business?

Yes.  Our broadband repeaters are the only legal repeaters available in the EU.

Our repeaters have enhanced features that makes them pass all the required European Radio Equipment Directives, (RED). Technically, you still need permission from your mobile operator to use  repeaters, but from a legal and regulatory standpoint, these new repeaters are permitted for sale and installation.

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What is the difference between a signal booster and a repeater?

While the terms “booster” and “repeater” are sometimes used interchangeably, there are important technical differences between the two.

A booster is a device that simply amplifies a signal it receives and re-transmits it. There is typically no filtering or interference control in the device. Such devices are usually sourced at low cost through on-line markets. Boosters do not meet the required European Standards and as such cannot carry the CE mark (Even though many do so fraudulently)

A repeater also re-transmits signals it receives, however such devices include filtering and interference control which provide better coexistence with other spectrum users. Such devices meet the applicable standards and carry the CE mark.

Stelladoradus only manufactures  repeaters.

Is mobile phone radiation dangerous for you?

The short answer is no. There have been many tests conducted over the last 30 years  and no conclusive evidence has been found yet. However, if you are still concerned, it is worth noting the following:

A repeater installed in your home  reduces your exposure to radiation from your phone by a factor of around 50. Normally a phone has to crank up its output power to get its signal up to the nearby operators mast. If you  have a repeater installed in your house, then it only needs a little power to get its signal  to the repeater. Since radiation power diminishes with the square of the distance, the repeater radiation itself is 50 times less that of a mobile phone!

Is Tax removed if I am a business?

There are 2 cases with regards to VAT and business.

1) If you are a business (hold a valid EU business VAT number), and reside in the same country as your chosen reseller, VAT will be added. However, you can write this VAT off your accounts at the end of year.

2) If you are a business (hold a valid EU business VAT number), and you reside in another EU country to that of the reseller you are buying from. Tax will be removed automatically.

Example: You live in Belgium but are buying from a French reseller.

In this case, VAT will be deducted from your order.


Are all repeaters the same?

No. The two defining specs of a repeater is its frequency and power. Here at Stella Doradus we have designed and built the complete range of mobile repeaters. Every frequency and power option is available.

Do you have a return policy?

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How will my repeater be delivered?

All orders are shipped via express delivery and are normally delivered within 1-4 business days. Your order will be dispatched directly from our premises and you will be forwarded tracking information for the order after it is dispatched. If you have any questions on your order status, please contact us. 

Can I install a repeater unit myself?

Yes. There is no technical expertise required to install your repeater kit. Each kit contains everything needed to improve the mobile coverage in your home/office and includes instructions that will guide you through the simple steps necessary to install your repeater.

What frequency repeater do I need?

For homes, we recommend at least a dual band repeater, (LG, GD or GW). Choose from the Stellahome family.

For businesses, we recommend a 3 , 5 or 6 band repeater. Choose from the StellaOffice family or an i-Repeater.

Please contact us to find out exactly which repeater option is best for you.

Why do I lose mobile phone signal strength indoors?

The main reason is that the signal from the operators transmission mast to your mobile phone is blocked somehow.

Hills, trees, walls, metal(as in the car), and double glazing windows in your house all block signal. Also the signal is generally weaker far from the transmission mast, which is generally the case in rural locations.

Do mobile repeater kits, or boosters really work?

Repeater kits are the cheapest and most effective way to get mobile signal into your house/ office.

Here at Stella Doradus,  we manufacture our own repeaters. Guaranteed to boost mobile signal into your house and perform to the highest standard.

Is it possible that one phone can be making a call through the repeater, while another device on a different network, is also making a call or surfing the web.

Yes. There is no limit to the number of people who can use the repeater at the same time.

  • You can be making calls and downloading movies at the same time.
  • You can be on different operators at the same time.

The repeater allows ALL mobile signals to pass through it.

What makes StellaDoradus different from the competition?

We are the only manufacturer of mobile repeaters based here in Europe and we’ve been in business for more than 25 years. All the other repeaters on the market are shipped in from China or Taiwan, with no quality control and circuit protection for noise control.

All our repeaters all have sophisticated network protection technology that has proven itself to be very reliable over many years. This is recognised by regulators who allow us to sell in their countries.





How many devices can use the repeater at the same time.

There really is no limit to how many people can use the repeater at the same time. The repeater just amplifies and re-transmits the outdoor signals is “hears”. So, from the point of view of your phone, it does not know it is communicating through a repeater. The base station your phone is communicating with makes all the intelligent decisions such as allowing your phone onto the network etc. So, the question

”How many people can use the repeater at the same time?” should really be

“How many people can use the base station at the same time”.

The answer is many hundreds.

How do I know, before I buy, that a mobile phone repeater will work for me?

In order for the repeater to work well, it must be able to receive a good signal. It can then amplify the signal and re-transmit it indoors. The best way to check if there is enough signal available is to use the signal strength indicator on your phone. Go outside and hold the phone in the location you would like to install the outdoor antenna. Check how many signal bars you have. You should really see a minimum of 3-5 bars to be certain the repeater will work well for you.

If you do not see enough signal bars in the first location , try another location. Generally you will get more bars if you try a high location, such as the roof top.

The outdoor antenna that comes with the repeater kit is a much more powerful antenna then the one in your phone. If you have 3-5 signal bars on your phone outside, then the outdoor antenna will receive an excellent signal. The repeater will amplify this and re-transmit a clean strong signal indoors.

If you can’t find a location where your phone sees 3-5 bars, but instead sees only 1 bar, the repeater will still work. However, in this case, you must use a more powerful external parabolic antenna and a lower loss cable(LMR400). We can customize this for you. Just email us.

If you can’t see even 1 bar, it is probably best not to buy a repeater.