Offices in Dijon, France – Installation of mobile signal repeater – Hybrid DAS

15 Oct 2017
apartments dijon 1

Location: Dijon, France

Installer: TopSat

Installation Date: 19.june.2017


These office blocks in Dijon, suffered from poor mobile signal inside. The building contractor was instructed to ensure that there was good mobile signal inside these blocks.

TopSat, official distributor of Stelladordus in France, was commissioned to install an hybrid DAS into the apartment complexes to ensure a great mobile signal throughout the buildings.

The total area was 13000m2, with a total of 5 floors.

These office blocks were going to facilitate 1200 employees, and all these people were going to need great mobile signal.

All mobile operators were required. Free, Orange, BT, Vodafone.

The StellaOffice hybrid DAS was installed and consisted of the following equipment:

  • 1 Stelloffice-LGDWH*
  • 8 lineamplifiers -LGDWH
  • 40 antennas (dome antennas, see image below)
  • 900 meters of SD400 coxial cable.

*(L=800Mhz, G=900Mhz, D=1800Mhz, W=2100Mhz , H=2600Mhz)


antennas and repeaters


The system was installed with complete success and the client was happy.

All employees could now enjoy perfect mobile signal just as if there were outside on the street.

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