New Hospital in Mollet, Spain

22 Feb 2015



Mollet del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain

Equipment used:

  • 1 StellaOffice repeater
  • 11 linear amplifiers
  • 39 antennas

Before installation:

Before this installation, this hospital had no mobile signal coverage at all. The patients could not call their family. The staff could not communicate with each other and to those outside the hospital.

  • They desperately needed a solution that would amplify the mobile signal of all Spanish mobile operators (Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo, Movistar).
  • The system also need to be robust, and be able to manage itself. The hospital did not want to have to monitor and manage accounts of people using the system.
  •  Finally, the hospital needed the system to be able to provide large area coverage inside the hospital.
One outdoor antenna was used here. It points towards the nearest mobile tower 1Km away.

One outdoor antenna was used here. It points towards the nearest mobile tower 1Km away.

After installation and conclusion:

The hospital decided to work with Grupo Espai Digital, and install Stelladoradus equipment. The OfficeBoost repeater system ticked all the boxes.

  • All mobile operators amplified
  • No management required
  • Distributed antennas throughout the hospital providing the required mobile signal for everyone.
dome antenna_800

One dome antenna installed in the maintenance room. Even maintenance staff could now make calls!


“Hi Edwina, the installation of the “Hospital Mollet” to complete and everything works correctly, is a great installation of 11 linear amplifiers, 1 repeater and 39 antennas inside the Hospital, has been a very rewarding experience for all the senses, the customer is satisfied.”


Grupo Espai Digital

Spain, Barcelona


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