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Mobile signal repeater system in multi-storey hotel.

15 Dec 2014

Equipment used:

  • 8 StellaOffice tri band repeaters.
  • 16 Line amplifiers.
  • 10 splitters
  • 124 antennas.
  • SD 400 coaxial cable (aprox 300meters)
  • 24 Power supplies
  • 1 Outdoor antenna, Yagi

Before installation:

The mobile signal strength of all 3 Belgium operators was very strong outside the hotel and up on the hotel roof.

There was absolutely no mobile signal available inside the hotel. This was due to the modern building materials used in its construction. The windows of the hotel were coated with a metallic surface and the walls had foil backed insulation in them. This meant that no RF mobile signal could penetrate into the building.

The customer (hotel manager), wanted to solve 2 main issues.

  1. He wanted his staff to be able to use their mobile phones inside the hotel so that they could be contacted from the main office at all times. The main office needed coverage too.
  2. He wanted mobile coverage inside the meeting rooms. The hotel rents out these meeting rooms to customers and it was very important that they could make calls from there.

Outside of these 2 main issues, the corridors of all 9 floors would have mobile coverage, including the reception area, the dining areas,and the main foyer. All the guests would immediately benefit from this extra coverage.

After installation:

logo amplitude experts

The installation was carrier out by Amplitude Experts and took 3 weeks to complete. On the final day the customer walked around the 9 floors of the hotel, making mobile calls and was very satisfied with the result.


The Stellaoffice repeater system with line amplification works very well in this hotel. Right after the system was commissioned and switched on, we saw guests and staff alike using their mobile phones to make calls and access data, where before this was just not possible.

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