Italian leaky cable installation – StellaHome tri band with splitter

01 Oct 2014
radiolan with holding phone in air

RadioLan installer testing mobile signal strength. Green arrow is pointing at the leaky cable

Equipment used.

  • 1 StellaHome tri band repeater.
  • 1  splitter 2 way
  • 50m Leaky coaxial cable
  • 2 panel antennas
  • External Yagi antenna

We used a patch antenna at the end of the length of the leaky cable. Using the splitter we were able to provide coverage in another big room.

The room that you see in photos measures about 70Mt x 12MT. and it is  L shaped.

In the ceiling, after 20M, we turned the leaky cable,90° to follow the new direction of the L shaped room.

L shaped room

stellahome with splitter

Stellahome triband repeater with splitter highlighted in the green circle

Leaky cable installed on ceiling down the passage.

Leaky cable installed on ceiling down the passage.


Leaky cable going down the other side of the L shaped area.

leaky cable dia

Leaky cable is a kind of coaxial cable, that has periodic slots in the outer conductor. Electromagnetic waves propagate through these slots and radiate outside.
The radiating electric field pattern  is almost perfectly circular, and can be used for radio communication to moving objects.

The generated electric field is confined to the area close to the leaky cable. Therefore, it can be used very effectively for radio communication in tunnels, corridors, long passages etc..


Installation done by RadioLan

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