BigBoost case study | boosting mobile signal in tunnels

11 Dec 2015
outside tunnel_1300
  • Location: Foggia, Italy
  • Installation company: RadioLan SRL


Mobile signal is required inside a 3KM train tunnel near Foggia, Italy. The tunnel is currently under construction and all the work teams have no mobile signal. They are currently relying on walkie-talkies for communication.

RadionLan (with Technomatica ) installed the BigBoost repeater system to boost mobile signal up inside this tunnel.


The Bigboost system for GSM (900Mhz) was installed and commissioned successfully inside the tunnel. The signal spectrum from all Italian mobile operators was very good, in the location above the mouth of the tunnel outside, and this is where a pole was erected for the outdoor antenna. Once we had a strong “clean” signal we cabled down inside the tunnel to the big boost which is located just 20 meters inside the tunnel. Here the signal was amplified and sent up into the tunnel.

Phone call tests were carried out rigorously up and down the whole tunnel successfully.



Installed by RadioLan SRl


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