4 story office block in Paris

01 Dec 2014

Equipment used:

  • 2 StellaOffice tri band repeaters.
  • 8 Line amplifiers.
  • 32 antennas.
  • SD 400 coaxial cable (aprox 300meters)
  • 10 Power supplies
  • 1 Outdoor antenna, Yagi

Installation company:


Expert GSM installers for large buildings in France and Belgium.


Before the repeater system was installed:

This office block in the center of Paris has high buildings all around it. These high buildings prevent mobile signal from penetrating down inside to the lower floors. Nobody could use their mobile phones for voice or 3G data.

The stellaoffice repeater system was installed to solve this problem.

Below is a diagram of how this StellaOffice system was set up:


The provide adequate converge throughout the whole building, 32 panal antennas were used. Theses antennas fed back to 8 line amplifiers, (2 line amplifiers on each floor). And then these 8 line amplifiers fed back to the 2 repeaters in the roof hut. From here, a combiner was use to combine the signal from these 2 repeaters and send it to the yagi antenna on the roof.

All the line amplifiers and repeaters self-adjust their power levels to provide balanced  signal throughout the building.


Once the system was installed and setup, we conducted tests throughout the building to access the signal quality.

The tri band repeaters and line amplifiers boost 900Mhz, 1800Mhz and 2100Mhz. This provides for GSM and 3G.

Our voice tests passed perfectly on all floors. Below is a photo of one of our 3G speed tests. This speed is the same as if you were out on the street.

The client was so  happy with the result they allowed us to film the installation..see video below.

galaxy great signal speed test

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