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    Top 10 countries with fastest 4G speeds

    22nd November 2013

    Despite the US having the most advanced LTE (Long Term Evolution) infrastructure in the world, its networks are by no means the fastest. Several other nations have scored higher and some of them even reveal speeds that are up to 2 times faster. 4G is the successor to 3G, and it promises ultra-fast broadband internet […]

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    5 Common things that can affect your indoor mobile phone signal

    18th November 2013

    Having trouble with your indoor mobile phone signal? We’ve put together five things that could be leading to a poor mobile reception in your home and what you can do to resolve this.   1) Distance from the tower If you are in a vehicle and have driven further from the tower or if you […]

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    Do mobile phone boosters work?

    6th November 2013

    Research carried out by the Pew Life Project (http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2012/Mobile-phone-problems/Main-findings.aspx) reveals that 72% of mobile phone users experience some form of dropped call and 32% experience it a few times each week. This research also reveals that Smartphone users experience higher incidence of these problems compared with other mobile phone users. Many of these users are […]

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    Mobile phone networks with the best and worst reception

    29th October 2013

    Which mobile networks have the best and worst reception? That is a difficult question to answer due to the various factors that contribute to good or bad network signals. Each network for example claims to cover a certain percentage of the population, however the actual strength in each location will vary. They each provide coverage […]

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    Solutions to poor mobile phone signals in remote locations

    21st October 2013

    Poor mobile phone signals are synonymous with remote locations. Dropped calls and poor mobile reception are part of day to day life for people residing or visiting rural locations and other areas out of reach of mobile operator base stations. While this may be tolerable in some situations, this may be a problem in your […]

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    Are mobile signal boosters illegal in the UK?

    23rd September 2013

    In this article I will explain the legal situation with regard to installing a mobile signal booster in the UK. How serious is it? Are there any fines. The UK mobile regulator, Ofcom, have stated on their site that the use of a mobile signal booster can result in a fine if caught. They also state: […]

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    Cellular repeater radiation | Does a Mobile Repeater emit harmful radiation in my house?

    9th September 2013

     Cellular repeater radiation is truly tiny! This is a question that is often asked and the short answer is that a repeater outputs 50 – 100 times less power than a mobile phone. The amplifiers used in StellaDoradus repeaters are the same that are used in mobile phones. However, we do not turn it up […]

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    2G, 3G and 4G explained.

    2nd September 2013

    All these standards get a bit confusing. What do they all mean? In this article, I will explain it all for you. 1G (1981) – the first generation Back in 1981, the mobile operators needed some type of standard to let analogue mobile phones speak to each other. 1G stands for 1st generation, and it […]

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    Can my neighbour use my mobile phone repeater?

    29th August 2013

    If I have a mobile phone repeater installed in my house, can my neighbour use my mobile phone repeater, and if so, will I end up paying for his calls? No, you will not end up paying for his bills. The billing is associated with the SIM card in your phone.  Every phone has a unique SIM card.  […]

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