3 ways to amplify Orange mobile signal in my home.

    9th May 2018

    If you are having problems with Orange mobile signal in your home or office, there are 3 main ways to solve this issue. MOBILE REPEATER 1)  Install a mobile signal repeater. This is the simplest way. Not only will a wide-band repeater amplify your Orange signal but it will also amplify all the other operators […]

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    Which mobile phone has the best reception 2018

    19th April 2018

    The communications regulator (COMREG) in Ireland has rigorously tested all the mobile phones on the Irish market for call quality. James and I visited their test labs here in Ireland to see how they are testing all these phones. Here is the list of mobile phones with the best reception: TRP = Total Radiated Power   The […]

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    The StellaDoradus i-repeater – A cloud controlled cellular repeater solution for enterprises.

    15th March 2018

    After much time in development, we are finally introducing the new i-repeater. So what is the i-repeater? It is a new type of cellular repeater that can be monitored and controlled over the internet. Why is internet monitoring useful? It is useful for installation companies that want to be able to monitor all their repeater installations […]

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    How to reduce your home broadband bills by half.

    27th January 2018

    Most people are paying two broadband bills (or more)  a month! ..a standard broadband bill for the house  and  a monthly plan for the phone. These bills combined can add  up to a lot. So why not just stop paying for one?   You can reduce your home broadband bills if you can satisfy the […]

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    OFCOM allows the use of repeaters in the UK . Legal repeaters in the UK.

    25th October 2017

    I am an engineer working for Stelladoradus and I am going to discuss the new ruling from OFCOM about repeaters in the UK.  Stelladoradus currently sells repeaters across mainland Europe, and we are displacing the sales of cheaper Chinese repeaters in these countries. These Chinese repeaters are a nightmare for the regulators like OFCOM because they create noise […]

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    Mobile signal boosters – Installation tips to balance the signal from multiple operators

    14th October 2017

    When installing a DAS repeater system in a big building in a city, it is important to ensure that the signal is “balanced” from all the operators. Firstly, take a signal measurement on the roof of the building. If you do not have a signal analyzer (image below) , instead, you can use 3 identical […]

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    Lack of mobile signal coverage within big malls: causes and a solution

    4th October 2017

    Without mobile coverage in our leisure time Sometimes, when we visit a mall, we notice that even though we have good mobile signal outside, inside we don’t have any coverage, not even enough of a signal to make a voice call. Lost call notifications are another sign of lack of coverage inside big malls. In […]

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    How to boost mobile signal in shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, factories…

    20th September 2017

    In this article I will discuss the best solutions for boosting mobile signal in your building. Whether you have a high street shop, a restaurant or a hotel, office block, I will discuss 3 main soluti0ns to get mobile signal inside your building. In order to propagate mobile signal into a large building you will […]

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    Boosting mobile signal indoors. Top 3 boosting technologies reviewed.

    19th September 2017

    There are 3 choices for boosting mobile signal in your home, or large office, factory, shop or hotel… Mobile signal Boosters FemtoCells WIFI calling My name is Ferd. I am an electronic design engineer working for Stelladoradus. I design boosters and understand in detail how these technologies work. 1) Mobile signal boosters Mobile signal boosters are […]

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