Boosting mobile signal indoors. Top 3 boosting technologies reviewed.

    19th September 2017

    There are 3 choices for boosting mobile signal in your home, or large office, factory, shop or hotel… Mobile signal Boosters FemtoCells WIFI calling My name is Ferd. I am an electronic design engineer working for Stelladoradus. I design boosters and understand in detail how these technologies work. 1) Mobile signal boosters Mobile signal boosters are […]

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    Radiation from mobile phones and signal boosters – Is it harmful?

    19th September 2017

    In this blog , I will explain everything to do with mobile phone radiation and mobile signal booster radiation. Let’s do a comparison between the radiation from a signal booster, a smartphone and the sun. Let’s assume you are standing right next to a signal booster. The radiated power is typically 2mW. Let’s say you […]

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    Three practical examples show how the IOT (Internet Of Things) will help ordinary people

    30th August 2017

    What uses will I have for the IOT? There’s a lot of speculation about what the Internet Of Things will be, a huge network composed of small devices interconnected through the Internet, which will collect data, transmit it, and then give instructions to perform actions accordingly. But it’s somehow hard to imagine the specific and […]

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    Finding my mobile frequency on my Iphone or Android phone (fieldtest mode)

    24th October 2016

    Article updated: 20/9/2017 Click here to find your frequency on your Samsung Galaxy Phone Or Keep reading to determine what mobile frequency your Iphone is connected to. Your Iphone will predominatly connect to one frequency in the location around your house. Once you know this frequency, you can choose the best signal booster for you. It will […]

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    Cellular radiation: repeaters better than mobile phones

    1st February 2016

    User makes a phone call. The mobile phone sends out a low powered signal to the signal booster installed in the house. The signal booster receives the low power phone signal and relays it to the outdoor antenna. The outdoor antenna relays the signal to the operators tower, which could be several km’s away.  A […]

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    How can I boost my mobile signal?

    11th January 2016

    How many times we are forced to go outside to make that phone call or access mobile data? We get zero bars or even just one signal bar. The call is very poor quality and drops, and we cannot access the internet. Usually we just accept this thinking there is no solution. So, how can I […]

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    New StellaHome 800/900 signal booster | Fast 4G/LTE and GSM for your voice calls, combined.

    16th November 2015

    StellaHome 800/900, get LTE and GSM at maximum speed! Here at Stelladoradus, we design and manufacture many types of signal boosters to meet all our clients needs, and to provide cellular coverage in areas where it is not present. We are always focused on evolving the technology in our signal boosters to ensure our clients have […]

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    The Argument for the Legalisation of Repeaters in the UK

    15th February 2015

    We have always been open with our customers about the current situation in regards to the legality of mobile repeaters in the UK. At present , Ofcom literature states that repeaters are illegal to install and operate, unless the repeater meets certain European broadcasting standards and is authorized by a mobile operator. Many of the […]

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    How to Boost Mobile Phone Signal Legally

    10th February 2015

      Mobile blackspots are still a common problem throughout the UK. However, the situation is slowly improving, but we are still a long way off from the universal coverage that mobile operators are striving for. A lot of tech has been released in the past few years which can be used to combat poor signal. […]

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