Improve your Vodafone Mobile Signal at Home

    20th February 2013

    How to improve your Vodafone mobile signal: If you want to improve your Vodafone signal at home then this is important reading just for you! It’s truly amazing that Vodafone is the second largest mobile telecoms provider and yet that they should still have so many weak signal spots, especially in consumers’ homes. What’s even […]

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    I’m living in a poor 3G signal area, what can I do?

    20th February 2013

      Here is the problem! The walls of your house are a prime culprit for blocking signal, along with the distance from the operators mast, trees and hills and even double-glazed K-glass windows. In this guide, we will explore some steps you can take to boost your 3G signal. You can purchase an indoor repeater […]

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    Improve 3G Reception for your iPad or tablet at an Affordable Price

    16th February 2013

    To improve the 3G reception for your iPad around your home, you’re going to need to boost the 3G signal in some way. There’s plenty of cutting edge technology around to help you to achieve this, even if you’ve only currently got about 1 bar’s worth of indoor signal. Of course almost anything is possible at a price. But […]

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    Want to Improve Your 3G Signal?

    28th January 2013

    Are you disappointed with the performance of your 3G mobile phone at home? Are you one of the many unfortunates, for whom, as soon as they get through the front door of their home, find that their 3G signal seems to just dissipate into thin air? If you are, we expect you’ve already tried all the usual […]

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    Should I buy a 3G repeater or a 4G repeater?

    27th January 2013

    Firstly, what’s the difference between 3G and 4G? 3G and 4G are standards that the carriers use to get mobile data from their towers to your phone. The technology in these standards is super complex and we are not going to dig into that in this article. Basically,  the difference between the two is speed. […]

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    Cellular Signal Boosters – How they Work.

    9th January 2013

    Cellular Signal Boosters solve the problem of poor mobile phone coverage in the home or office. If you are experiencing Dropped calls or no calls at all on your mobile phone Poor 3G internet data speeds on your laptop. Then you should consider installing a cellular signal booster in your premises. Below is a diagram […]

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    How to boost your mobile phone signal legally!

    12th December 2012

    Stella Doradus have a neat new product, the SmartAntenna,  which is legal to use in the UK for amplifying your 3G laptop stick dongle in your house. The kit consists of a high gain antenna with an amplifier built in. It has a 5 meter cable and a sleeve which slips over your 3G dongle.  Smart […]

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    Difference between 2G and 3G

    8th December 2012

    First came 2G, then came 3G Using the information in this article you should more easily choose which repeater is more suitable for you. You  can also use this useful tool which helps you choose. 2G is mainly for voice only. It can handle a little bit of data as in text messages, but that’s really it. You […]

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    The Advantages of Manufacturing your Products In-House

    26th November 2012

    We live in an increasingly globalised society; for instance look at your shoes – added together the different parts they constitute of, have probably been to more places around the world than you have. Outsourcing of manufacturing is part and parcel of every business nowadays, so much so that companies almost do so instinctively. However, […]

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