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Mobile phone networks with the best and worst reception

29 Oct 2013

Which mobile networks have the best and worst reception? That is a difficult question to answer due to the various factors that contribute to good or bad network signals.
Each network for example claims to cover a certain percentage of the population, however the actual strength in each location will vary. They each provide coverage percentages and based on this and customer reviews, we have listed the best reception and worst reception networks below.


EE – EE uses T-Mobile and Orange networks for 2G and 3G and it has an impressive 99.8% coverage 2G signal and that’s the highest among mobile carriers. Its 3G signal is also the highest at 89% and 4G signal is 50%, with more towns being added.

3 Mobile – 3 is the second ‘best reception’ network and it uses the Orange network for 2G. It has a 99% 2G signal and 93% 3G signal.


O2 – O2 has a low 80% network signal coverage on 3G. Despite O2 being the second largest mobile phone carrier, in 2012 it suffered severe network problems that have affected thousands of its customers and many were not able to send or receive calls.

Tesco Mobile – This network uses the O2 network and like O2 has an 80% signal coverage on 3G. This is the lowest signal of all the leading carriers.

The results reveal that 2G reception which counts for normal calls is difficult to compare because all the carriers have at least a 99% coverage. It’s easier to compare them on 3G and the best reception is seen with EE, 3, Orange and T-Mobile.

Mobile Phone Boosters to the rescue

Whatever troubles you are experiencing with your mobile network signal, you can count on a mobile phone booster to improve your 3G signal strength at home. The best signal booster to improve your signal strength is the StellaHome Repeater Kit.

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