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Set up your In Car Entertainment with your mobile phone.

08 Mar 2013
Executive businesswoman in car work touch tablet


This post is to discuss how to set up a great in car entertainment system in your car using your mobile phone and a car 3G repeater kit.

I like listening to internet radio in my car. There are also many apps where you can listen to archived audio on any subject you like. I personally like news and tech discussions streamed, but there are also loads of sports apps or really any type of entertainment you are into. If you’re like me and tired of listening to local radio and the same old music collection, you should definitely check out your appstore for new audio content apps.

My kids watch Netflix and Youtube in the back seat which keeps them happy too.

So here’s what I have done. I live in the countyside where the mobile signal is not that great. For this system to work you need a solid mobile data signal. So I installed a 3G repeater car kit in my car. This ensures a high quality robust 3G signal almost all the time even in rural areas where there is usually a terrible signal.

Then I switch on tethering on my android phone. Fortunately this is a very straight forward thing to do. Just Google “tethering” if you need help turning it on.

Iphones however, restrict this option but a company called “Tether” has cleverly got around the restriction. Read this aritcle.

Tethering means your phone receives the 3G/ 4G mobile signal and converts it to a local wifi signal. Once you have wifi in your car, all your devices can use it for broadband in car entertainment, like netflix for the kids etc…

Make sure you have a decent mobile broadband data plan. I’m on a 5 gig a month plan which is fine.

Once your all set up with your new in car entertainment system, driving journeys can actually be something to look forward to.


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