Big Boost

Providing mobile signal in large open areas, tunnels, mines and lift shafts

How It Works

  1. The complete system is installed on a hill or a high up location This area should be above the area where outdoor coverage is required. A good mobile signal must be available here.
  2. The antenna that points at the mobile networks base station receives the signal and sends it to the StellaHome repeater.
  3. The signal is then sent to the BigBoost which adds powerfull amplification. The bigboost feeds 1 or 2 antennas that point down into the areas that require coverage.
  4. The system is self monitoring and does not require any management.

The BigBoost must be used with the stellahome triband.
DO NOT use the BigBoost with any other type of repeater EXCEPT the stellahome triband.

Suitable for..

Quarries, mines, tunnels, elevators, large open areas without signal.

The mobile operators base station can The BigBoost amplifies 900/1800 and 2100Mhz. If you are interested in this system , please contact us

Installation Notes:

The antenna that points towards the mobile tower must be  pointing roughly 180DEG away from the antenna(2) that point down into the areas that require coverage. This is to reduce feedback between the antennas.

The Bigboost unit and the Stellahome unit as shown in the diagram above MUST be placed in separate waterproof enclosures. DO NOT PLACE THEM IN THE SAME BOX.

The reason for this is feedback and overheating.

Powerfull operator network protection

Case Studies: see all

    Case Study: Kola Beach Resort, Kenya

    27th February 2016
    Installing the BigBoost mobile signal repeater system. Location: Kola Beach Resort, Mambrui, Malindi, Kenya. Preconditions: There are 3 local mobile operators in Kenya: Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom Kenya. The mobile signal from these operators in the Kola Beach Resort was very weak,  if not almost non-existent, and this resulted in poor phone call quality. Technical Computer Area (TCA) contacted [...]
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    Boost mobile signal in a quarry / open pit mine

    11th December 2015
    Boosting mobile signal into a quarry / open pit mine. Location: N.Ireland Client: Quarry owner Paul. Requirement: Boost mobile signal into quarry for all the miners.   The quarry consisted of a large pit in the ground, 300 meters deep and 800 meters across. Before the Bigboost system was installed, there was no signal in this [...]
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    BigBoost case study | boosting mobile signal in tunnels

    11th December 2015
    Location: Foggia, Italy Installation company: RadioLan SRL Overview: Mobile signal is required inside a 3KM train tunnel near Foggia, Italy. The tunnel is currently under construction and all the work teams have no mobile signal. They are currently relying on walkie-talkies for communication. RadionLan (with Technomatica ) installed the BigBoost repeater system to boost mobile [...]
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