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Modern Buildings Can Cause Phones to Lose Signal

28 Jan 2015

You may have noticed that your phone loses signal as soon as you enter a particular building. The building does not even need to be underground or in a poor signal area, yet getting a solid, reliable signal inside can be tricky.

Most modern buildings are constructed from materials that reflect mobile signals. Metal, glass and concrete are notoriously difficult for mobile signal to penetrate. In turn, this causes reception to be lost throughout the building. This is particularly unhelpful when it is considered that the buildings we spend most of our time, such as apartments and offices, are those most prone to problems.

It is critical that signal can be secured in busy public buildings. A lack of signal can be bad for business, and in some scenarios, could even be dangerous. Hospitals are buildings where people need to be constantly contactable – to have a signal blackspot inside the building would be disastrous

Mobile signal that is distributed via a repeater is much more reliable than a distributed WiFi network. It is true that the 3G and 4G networks suffer from congestion, just the same as broadband, but it is very rare for these networks to be unable to receive calls or texts because of congestion. This only normally happens when the network is under intense load, such as when hundreds and thousands of people all call and message their loved ones at the same time at midnight on New Year’s Day. In an everyday situation, this would never happen.

The StellaOffice repeater is the ideal solution for large multi-room buildings. The signal is distributed evenly across multiple floors and rooms. In fact, it is possible for one StellaOffice repeater to provide signal for up to 12 rooms. If more rooms than this need to be covered, it is easy to link multiple systems together, providing further coverage to the building.

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