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Which mobile phone has the best reception?

22 Apr 2013

So your looking to buy the phone with the best reception?

Are you concerned that you may be living in a poor signal area and want to make sure you buy the best phone for best reception purposes? Your concerns are valid, as many people do buy their phones and sign up to year long contracts with their provider only to find out that there is no mobile coverage from that provider in their location.

In this article, I will advise you on exactly what you should do.

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Is the phone’s antenna important for best reception?

There are many factors involved with regard to getting the best reception on your mobile phone. The most important is the actual antenna size on the phone itself. The old GSM legacy phones used to have a long aerial protruding from the side of the phone. This actually produced excellent reception, since the caller had a large monopole antenna elevated above his head. However, as phones got physically smaller, manufacturers had to in turn shrink the size of their antennas. This has invariably caused problems with reception quality and they have had to come up with ingenious ways to counter this loss of antenna gain. Fortunately, engineers are able to use digital signal processing techniques to manipulate signals and achieve robust connections between the operators’ towers and your mobile phone, all the while increasing the rate of data transfer. But the signal still has to reach the phone and these tiny antennas in modern smart phones are not ideal.

So which phone has the biggest antenna?

There isn’t a significant difference in antenna performance between the latest smart phones. They are not designed for users who live in rural locations or are unlucky enough to live in pockets of dead signal. You should instead look at other factors when considering which phone to buy.

The first thing to do is go on-line and find out which carriers have a cell tower near you.


You DO NOT want to go with a random carrier and hope they have signal in your area. Each of the operators’ websites have coverage maps and there are even maps of the cell towers in each country.

You can also talk to your neighbours and find out if they are happy with their service or ask the local providers shop what their coverage is like in your area. They may allow you to even try out the service for free.

Only when you are sure your area is covered by a particular provider should you then consider which phone to buy.

StellaHome Repeater Kit
If you have signal in your garden or on your roof only, you can use one of our repeaters that boosts all the available signals right into your home to ensure you get the best reception.

Further notes and comments:

In Denmark there was a test done (although some time ago) that tested the performance of several hundred phones in rural areas using the 900 band (arguing that the 900 band is the most likely to have signal in rural areas (last stand)). They arranged the phones by score as an average of send and receive score. Best phones on top with regards to antennas..


  • Mansoor Cheema

    Your post is pathetic. Please don’t read cus doesn’t answer the question for which you have come here

  • lynn

    The best cell phone 4 Antenna Service is a regular cell phone not smartphone. They had to eliminate the antenna to make the Smartphones work better 4 online services. Therefore they got rid of the antenna. I found the old cell phones with the antennas give me a five bar Top Line Service. There is no smartphone that I know of that has 5 bars service for talking.

  • Mansoor Cheema

    Fred Browne
    Dont agree with you. I am in an area with poor reception. Currently using the most high end samsung phone, Note5. Reception sucks. Not even a single bar. Yesterday took out my 6 six years old Nokia X1-01 placed the sim and got 3-4 bars and could make and receive calls all day. So your theory about antennas being equal is totally rubbish. The way you hold the phone theory also rubbish. May affect 5-10 percent but nothing more. Antennas on simple phones are much better and these days firms like samsung and apple have forgotten the basic use of mobile phones and are fooling us with unessential gimmeckery.

  • Jeepers

    Then as a moderator, please tell the author to stop writing supposed stories about information “that nobody has.”

  • rafepurnell

    If you really beleive this Ferd… then why did you post this article, let alone name it in this way.. thanks for wasting my time.

    Maybe if the denmark test link worked… that would have helped..


  • Mansoor Cheema


  • Cristian

    Allview X2 Soul Extreme/Gionee 8(?) 10dB over Samsung S7 Edge.

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