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Do mobile phone boosters work?

06 Nov 2013

Research carried out by the Pew Life Project


reveals that 72% of mobile phone users experience some form of dropped call and 32% experience it a few times each week. This research also reveals that Smartphone users experience higher incidence of these problems compared with other mobile phone users.
Many of these users are turning to mobile phone boosters and they are using them in their homes, outdoors and in vehicles on the move. However, choosing the right booster is critical and unfortunately some won’t work due to location, proximity, antenna size and various other reasons.

Remote Location

Rural locations and other locations distant from mobile operator base stations often suffer from poor reception and dropped calls. So mobile phone boosters are often needed, however some models are still not able to provide the necessary signal strength.
The solution is to purchase a stronger mobile phone booster and you can pick one that works in a small radius around a receiver or one that has a large antenna. Where you place the booster will also affect its effectiveness and it’s best to get one that works in all rooms and not just for one room.
An example is the StellaHome900 that works with any phone model and gives you a boost for as far as 1000 square meters and works with O2 and Vodafone networks.




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