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9 reasons why you should never buy a Chinese mobile signal booster

16 Mar 2014
Not being able to get a signal on your mobile is frustrating, particularly if waiting for that all important call. Mobile phone boosters are, of course, a great help in this situation, and in some cases may even boost your phone signal to peak performance.

However, resist the temptation to buy the cheapest device from China. These cheap phone repeaters are best avoided for the following reasons:


You might think you’re making a saving, but the truth is that Chinese mobile repeaters are blacklisted throughout Europe. Often they will be seized at customs and you’ll lose your money.

2)Short life span.

To keep the price down, cheap componants and recycled componants are used. These have a very limited life span – maximum 1 year. You will have no come back when it comes to the guarantee when you are dealing with Chinese products.

3)False Fronts.

The websites make a great effort to look like they are from a European country but none are located in Europe. Refunds, Warantee and Customer Service are negligable. If you have a problem, you have no comeback.

4)Poor Performance

Inferior design with no control circuitry means that the call quality suffers. This manifests as only 1 person being able to talk at one time, crackling on the line and people ” breaking up”.


These repeater output a lot of power 24 hours a day. With no control circuitry, this noisy device on the operators network can cause the operators mast to concentrate on this powerful signal and ignore the other phones in the area. The operators will call the regulator who will track down this illegal device. It is easy to find because it outputs high power 24 hours a day..

6)Risk of Confiscation

Due to the problems they cause operators, they can be tracked down and confiscated by both the carrier and the mobile regulator.


Since the manufacturer is far overseas in China or Korea, they have no fears of causing problems to EU operators since they can carry on regardless without any fear of operations being shut down. As long as they get their money, they don’t care.

8)Non-Existent Customer Service

Customer service will be practically non-existent. It is likely that the supplier will only sell the device and have no real working knowledge of the product’s design.

9)Only Resellers

Custom solutions for large buildings or difficult installations are not available.

When it comes to mobile signal boosters, buying cheap from China is a false economy. Time and again these cheap devices fail to deliver what they promise and you’ll simply lose your money.


In contrast with the Chinese resellers, StellaDoradus are:

1)Quiet device on the operators network.

Our repeaters are on stand by until you make a phone call. When you make a phone call, you will see a blue LED light up. This will go off 8 seconds after the phone call is finished and the repeater is on stand by again

– The repeater is undetectable

2. Excellent Performance

Our repeaters are controlled by a software program that automatically adjusts the power levels on the repeater for every installation.

The signal strength meter show all the information about the installation to provide the optimum performance for every installation, whether you are in the city or in a very rural location.

Custom solutions are provided for difficult installations ( Mountains etc).

3) 5 year Warranty

Our repeaters have a 5 year guarantee. The highest quality componants are used to ensure no failures.

4) Great Signal

No unwanted background noise, just a healthy clear signal that respects the operator

5)As Legal as is possible with a broadband repeater.

Since StellaDoradus are accountable, they have a powerful incentive to provide you with a legal mobile signal booster.

6) No Confiscation

Because StellaDoradus have built up working relations with Vodafone, O2, and other regulators in Europe, and have implemented the required features in their boosters to operate silently on the carriers network, consequently, there is no risk of confiscation.  Compare this to the chinese boosters that scream noise out all of the time.

7) Great Customer Service

We are here all the time to answer any question and solve any issues before and after sales.

8) Manufactured In-House

Because the mobile signal boosters are designed and manufactured in-house, our engineers can provide custom product solutions that work for you.
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