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    In Depth: Why The Femtocell Signal Boosters Offered By Mobile Networks Are Not Viable Long Term Solutions

    19th September 2014

      Over the past 2 years, mobile operators have finally accepted that, for some, the quality of the service that they are offering is far from what is required. Customers across all of the major mobile telecoms networks have been stricken with poor network coverage issues, with certain areas of the UK being more prone […]

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    Investigation: Why Can’t I Connect to a Mobile Network?

    17th September 2014

    It’s happened to all of us: the time when you need signal the most is the time you lose your connection. This could be during important calls, whilst browsing the web, or whilst streaming your favourite shows. Sometimes, just entering a certain area of a building can cause signal to be lost. In other scenarios, […]

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    Dispelling Mobile Phone Myths

    6th August 2014

    Since mobile phones have become a part of everyday life, there have been certain myths that surround the technology. Do they cause cancer? Do they interfere with important medical and aviation equipment? Many of the popular myths are untrue and should not worry mobile phone users. Below, we have picked out some of our favourites, […]

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    Finding my frequency on my Samsung phone

    24th July 2014

     This article will explain the easiest steps you can take  to see what frequency your phone connects to your network on. This is useful information to have, especially if you are looking to purchase a mobile repeater. Knowing your frequency will allow you to select the best suited booster for the job. Your phone will use […]

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    Why is it Important to Have Reliable Network Coverage?

    21st July 2014

      In the modern day and age, our social and business lives are centred around mobile communication, whether that be through mobile internet, calls, or text messaging. However, there is a downside to the information revolution and that is the need to always be connected. A lack of a solid, reliable signal can render simple […]

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    The Decline of the Landline: What it Means for the Future of Calls and Internet

    18th July 2014

    The life span of telephone and internet services which revolve around having a land-line installed have long been called into question. However, recent data made available by Mobithinking and Ofcom suggests that the end is in sight for the now outdated technology. With the roll out of 4G and fibre-optic broadband, the reliance upon the copper […]

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    Could 4G and Mobile Repeaters Finally Fix Coverage Issues?

    5th July 2014

    The past year has seen mobile phone operators introducing their 4G networks throughout the UK at a great pace, with EE currently leading the charge. The mobile giants stated that they wanted to have achieved 98% 4G coverage by the end of 2014, and they look set to achieve that. At present, 73% of the […]

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    Boosting mobile signal into offices and large buildings

    25th May 2014

      One of the main issues that affects cellular coverage in large buildings is the building structure itself. The walls and windows block mobile signal and this results in dropped, or poor quality calls inside. The same problem is found with regard to mobile data connections that are extremely slow and do not allow access to the […]

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    Why mobile signal boosters are the most cost effective solution to solve indoor signal problems

    19th March 2014

    Although mobile phone service providers are consistently expanding their zones to provide better network coverage to consumers, many areas still experience poor network. These are areas which are perhaps located far from signal transmitters or have signal barriers in the way, like solid walls, buildings and trees. Fortunately, you can improve your poor signal with […]

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