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Are mobile signal boosters illegal in the UK?

23 Sep 2013

In this article I will explain the legal situation with regard to installing a mobile signal booster in the UK. How serious is it? Are there any fines.

The UK mobile regulator, Ofcom, have stated on their site that the use of a mobile signal booster can result in a fine if caught.

They also state:

“The use of these devices – many of which originate from suppliers in the Far East – can cause serious interference problems.”

There are 2 main concerns the operators and the regulators have with boosters in the UK.

  1. Feedback in the system
  2. Noise introduced onto the operators network.


Feedback is caused in a similar way to feedback caused when you place a microphone up to a speaker. You get an awful noise. The same applied with a repeater system. If the outdoor antenna is installed too close to the indoor antenna, then feedback can occur. You cannot  see or hear this feedback, but the operators local base station is deafened by it. It’s a disaster for all other users connected to that tower who will get almost no signal on their phone at all.

StellaDoradus has addressed this problem with software that detects and eliminated feed back if and when it occurs. Feedback cannot happen with our repeaters.


Noise in an issue when a repeater is continuously on. This is the case with low quality repeaters on the market today. This noise ends up on on the operators network and reduces its overall effectiveness. The result is poor signal in the local area around where this low quality repeater is installed.

Since StellaDoradus’s repeaters are in standby mode most of the time and only activate when a call is in progress, this continuous noise problem is not there.

We have added extra hardware to our repeaters and extensive software to handle these issues. This means our repeaters are a little more expensive then the other repeaters on the market, but for us, respecting the operators is top priority and something that cannot be ignored.

StellaDoradus is the only manufacturer of repeaters in Europe and the only company to have addressed these issues.


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